2020 Global Location Indices

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Faithful+Gould provides location factors, escalation forecasts, benchmarks, cost models and market analysis through our Construction Data Intelligence service.

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Faithful+Gould’s global location factor update for 2020 has been developed with internal data from international sources, as well as research based on publicly available information. 

Location Factors are calculated using a standardized approach considering labor, materials, productivity, and direct construction costs across all studied locations. 

These factors represent the relative costs of direct construction among the presented locations based on typical western building standards. 

All factors for locations outside of the United States were calculated considering local inflation and currency values at the time of publication.   



The data including location indices represented on this webpage and the information contained herein are provided for the user for guide and information purposes only and Faithful+Gould does not make any representation or warranty as to the factual accuracy of the information provided. 

Factors such as the ratio of imported to local materials and labor and relative construction supply and demand for each project can have a substantial impact on international project cost.

Faithful+Gould owes no duty or care in law to any party who uses the data contained herein nor will Faithful+Gould be liable to any party by their use of this data. nor will Faithful+Gould be liable to any party by their use of this data.

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