Energy Sector Case Studies Presented at ENR Energy Construction Summit

Tana Burhans
Faithful+Gould Senior Vice President and Global Energy Lead Trevor Green spoke at the ENR Energy Construction Summit on November 18, 2014, at the JW Marriott in Houston, Texas.

Trevor was part of a panel that discussed 'Pipelines in the Pipeline: Shale Production Forces Major Reworking of U.S. Pipeline Networks.' It explored how new and expanding sources of oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) are forcing a major reworking of the nation’s pipeline network. The session also addressed how much work is being planned and where, as well as how long the boom will last.

Trevor presented 'Ready to Ride the Wave', which focused on the changes companies are seeing along with the current needs and challenges of fracking, LNG, mega-chemical, nuclear new build, transmission line, accelerating economies, as well as the competition for resources within the Energy Sector. He also presented two case studies: Alberta Pipeline Growth and the development of PMO capability for a confidential North American pipeline company.

Trevor stated, "Although it may seem as though it is an exciting time in the midstream sector, we need to keep our eye on the ball with regard to project execution so that we can realize the benefits of reliable performing assets, sustainable business operations, repeat investments and continued growth. With all of these positive elements in play, I do believe that there are smooth waters ahead."

Significant energy-delivery projects are being planned from coast to coast to support the nation’s oil, gas and NGLs. The boom has created unprecedented opportunities for contracting and engineering firms, transportation companies, finance professionals, and risk management and energy consultants.

"Trevor's presentation was brilliant and offered real advice regarding the key processes that should be followed..." 

Luis Pinto, Faithful+Gould's Vice President - Operations

The second annual ENR Energy Construction Summit, developed in response to industry demand, brought together energy experts, oil and gas producers, pipeline owners, petrochemical giants, and prospective LNG exporters to discuss and address the needs of emerging energy-related mega-projects.

Trevor spoke to more than 200 attendees from throughout the energy industry. Faithful+Gould Vice President Luis Pinto was among the crowd and stated, "Trevor's presentation was brilliant and offered real advice regarding the key processes that should be followed in order to successfully execute upcoming mega-projects in the Energy Sector."

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