Engineering News-Record Covers our Success

Christy Ullo
The popular Engineering News-Record ‘ENR’ magazine recently featured our parent company Atkins' CEO in a glowing article about Atkins and its success in a difficult economic climate.

ENR coverThe popular Engineering News-Record 'ENR' magazine recently featured our parent company, Atkins, in an article titled ‘A Public-Sector Success'.

The trade magazine's glowing feature, which also sees Atkins rise in ranks in its Top List of International Design Firms and Faithful+Gould rise in its Top PM/CM Firms this year, documents the story of Atkins over the past decade and details its success in the face of a difficult economic climate.

Keith Clarke, Atkins chief executive, Richard Hall, global CEO of Faithful+Gould, Neil Thomas, managing director of Highways and Transportation and Martin Grant, managing director of Energy, all contribute to the feature, detailing how the business has changed and what actions have been taken to help us get to where we want to be.

Atkins' strong market position is referenced throughout the article, which cites its annual results and quotes David Brockton, equities analyst with Arbuthnot Securities, London, as saying: "Atkins remains the best-placed (UK) consultant to withstand pressure in its markets and benefit when any demand improvement occurs."

The article illustrated an overall positive outlook for Atkins and its subsidiaries, including Faithful+Gould. Although the article highlights the ongoing difficulties in the market, this confident view is supported by Keith: "Recession is not a recent phenomenon. We are going to bump along the bottom of the recession for at least two years in the UK - and in many other parts of the world."

"Who will come out at the other end will depend on their quality. If you know what your business does, if you can do it better - you're going to get through this. If you're not in that envelope, life is going to be very difficult."

Richard closed the article by reiterating Keith's encouraging viewpoint by explaining, "We've got a really good footprint and diversity which, through a recession, does put us in a good position to weather the storm."

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