Interns and New Graduates are Vital to our Organizational Growth!

Amir Mohtat
As a Master’s student at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago, IL I began my internship in the Chicago office this past summer.

I learned of Faithful+Gould during a lecture at IIT, where I met Chris Harris, technical director, who was speaking about estimating and construction project management and how Faithful+Gould is impacting construction projects globally.

Initially, I liked the fact that Faithful+Gould used modern project management concepts such as ‘integrated project management’ and ‘software consultancy’. After some research I saw that Faithful+Gould lives up to these slogans with a strong history of successful projects and satisfied clients, and I wanted to be part of a team that did just that. I liked the sound of the company and felt that Faithful+Gould aligned with my studies and past experience. I contacted the office manager about any open positions and after an interview I am glad to say that the outcome for me was an internship position in the Chicago office!

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Sharif University of Technology (Tehran, Iran) and am completing my Master of Science degree in Construction Management. My thesis topic proposes an integrated inventory control system using Bluetooth tracking devices and the Android smartphone. Working on this research I have developed skills in IT management and software programming.

"Amir’s outstanding performance during his internship landed him a full-time opportunity in the Chicago office as a project coordinator working with our PPMC group."

Marie Toomey, Faithful+Gould Senior Project Manager

As an intern at Faithful+Gould, my primary project was United Airlines Unifier Implementation project, where I assisted with documentation and project management functions. Working on this project has allowed me to learn about Unifier and the work Faithful+Gould’s PPMC group is doing across North America.

I made it a goal during my internship to get experience from all sides of the business. I have helped with the Google cost management project, worked on spreadsheet development with Rick Daspit, lead facility assessor, and have been working with Chris Harris to assist with takeoffs and cost estimating.

Working For Faithful+Gould Has Taught Me:

  • Faithful+Gould is my first experience with a corporation which has taught me a lot about how a corporate company exists and operates - how the organizational hierarchy works and the career paths that I can take.
  • I have been involved with the PPMC group and “business process consulting.” Working with the PPMC group has allowed me to enhance my technical skills through learning a new project management software (Primavera Unifier).
  • I now have a better understanding of the links between the client’s needs, client’s current status, how a consultant adds value and the client’s improved state.

The experience I have gained during my internship with Faithful+Gould is invaluable to my further development. It has enabled me to enhance both my technical and social skills dynamically. I have also been given a chance to be on the client facing part of our business, this has taught me things that can’t be found in any book. I strongly believe the skills that I am building with Faithful+Gould will be very beneficial for my ongoing career development.

I am currently working on the following projects:

  • United Airlines Unifier Implementation Project
  • F80 Component Developments 
  • Strategic Facilities Management
  • UC San Francisco Unifier Implementation Project

When I am not assisting with projects I am collaborating with Tamara Faiola, corporate recruitment team leader, and Ron Ernest, developer, to produce a project pipeline tool for Faithful+Gould’s recruitment team. The tool aims to offer transparency and stop duplication of work for our recruitment team and stakeholders throughout the business.

“Hiring students helps organizations to navigate through new, innovative technology, especially new work related business applications, and focuses on the future of the business."

Carmelo Torrisi, Faithful+Gould Vice President & Managing Director

I think Faithful+Gould offers a unique learning environment for new-comers. Faithful+Gould has an amazing network of experienced professionals and being part of that network creates vast learning potentials for graduates. During this experience I have learned that as an intern or new graduate it is important to open yourself up to the most opportunities in order to get the most exposure and to remember that a large portion of time during the first few months (even years) of one’s career usually goes toward learning. Your career in five years is the result of what you put in it today, remind yourself that hard work always pays off no matter what the field is.