Faithful+Gould: A PMI Registered Consultant

Christy Ullo
Faithful+Gould is pleased to announce its continuing corporate alignment with the Project Management Institute (PMI) and its Registered Consultant Program (RCP).

Faithful+Gould has worked in line with the standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI) for nearly 20 years, utilizing the tools provided by PMI, in conjunction with our own expertise, to produce high levels of service and savings for clients. Our official participation in this program confirms this alignment. Faithful+Gould is honored to be upholding these standards set by such a renowned institution in the field.

"At Faithful+Gould, we put our clients first. The Registered Consultant Program (RCP) is an ideal fit for this business model..."

Reza Amirkhalili, Faithful+Gould President and Managing Director

Faithful+Gould President and Managing Director, Reza Amirkhalili, said: "At Faithful+Gould, we put our clients first. The Registered Consultant Program (RCP) is an ideal fit for this business model, providing us with a vehicle to engage directly with potential clients and more efficiently share our suite of services and knowledge within the industry. The PMI Consultant Registry is complimentary to qualified organizations that are looking to further connect with clients, better their standards for business practices and improve engagement across the board."

As more organizations adopt project management as a strategic competency for achieving business results, many are seeking the advice of consultants to enhance their project management capabilities. Since joining, Faithful+Gould has been more readily available to engage with these clients globally, presenting our constructive expertise across the industry with particular focus on our core services of project management, cost management and project controls.

PMI is the world's leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project, program and portfolio management profession. Membership to the RCP allows qualified firms to be listed within the online resource that provides organizations with the convenience of accessing a PMI-maintained list of consulting firms in order to improve their project, program and portfolio management practices.