Productivity in Action Workshop

Leslie Marcum
Duncan MacKenzie-Williams, senior vice president, and Carlos Nazario, operations director, will be presenting jointly at the upcoming Productivity in Action workshop in Rio de Janeiro on September 3, 2014.

Jointly hosted by the Construction Industry Institute (CII), the Construction User Roundtable (CURT) and the EPC Excellence Center (CE-EPC), the Productivity in Action workshop will focus on a theme of constructability, modularization, rework reduction, safety and health and the relationship of these practices to productivity.

Duncan and Carlos have been asked to present, "Change Management and Lessons Learned," on the first day of the conference. Rather than discussing the mundane administration of change orders on a project, they plan to flip that theme on its head.

"We will not be talking about change management, but in a broader term the management of change."

Duncan MacKenzie-Williams, Faithful+Gould's Senior Vice President

Duncan commented: "We will not be talking about change management, but in a broader term the management of change. Change management to a lot of people means creating or evaluating change orders, signing them, sending it back, etc. – which is a very boring and administrative task. We are going to talk about: how do you avoid change in the first place? When it happens, what do you use to anticipate all of its ripple effects?"

To better explain their subject, Duncan and Carlos plan to use current review processes with some of their energy and gas industry clients as case studies. The extreme precautions taken in the gas and energy industry make it a perfect example according to Duncan, who added: "Managing change in an explosive environment can be a purely safety issue."

Those who wish to attend the presentation can find more information at the conference website.

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