Save My Seat: A Return-to-the-Workplace Digital Tool Focused on Employee Safety

Andrea Shook
Faithful+Gould, a member of the SNC-Lavalin group, developed a digital tool and interactive dashboard called Save My Seat that allows employees to reserve a seat in the office for the days they plan to be in.

Much like an airline, employees choose a seat that gives them the preferred distance from other staff in the office which, in turn, provides data to facilities managers as they manage occupancy against jurisdictional limitations and how office space is being used.

Employees can plan trips to the office with the confidence of knowing how many people will be seated within what proximity to each other. If they wish, they can even swap seats at the last minute to find a more comfortable work setting within the office.

The six-foot bubble floorplans in ourcustomizable app highlight proper spacing so staff can see appropriately distanced available desks, newly implemented one-directional walkways, hand sanitizer stations, and rooms that are now off-limits or have restricted capacities.

By adding check-in and check-out features within Save My Seat, the need for physical sign-in sheets is eliminated so employees don’t have to touch the same writing utensil and office managers don’t have to fill in cumbersome spreadsheets.

Tracking who was in the office at any given time and their proximity to each other means better contact tracing without the use of invasive tracking devices.

Customized e-mails generated by office location are automatically sent out upon reservation confirmation, check-in, and check-out to alert employees of new COVID-related safety features. These can include reminders to perform temperature checks before leaving the house, elevator procedure and guest restrictions at the office and sanitizing your workstation before leaving at the end of the day. 

With some employees facing anxiety working from home, combined with responsibilities of childcare at the same time, the ability to get away to the office on a day that works with their work-life schedule gives the employee more flexibility than instituting an A/B rotational schedule.

Considering the fact that many staff will choose to avoid public transportation on their commute into the office, in locations with limited parking spaces available, the app enables employees to reserve a space and be notified if there is no more parking capacity on a given day so they can make other arrangements.

Deploying a tool that allows employees to coordinate their office visits with their leadership and teammates and even choose the day and desk enables social distancing, career control and benefits their wellbeing. It also provides real-estate managers real-time insight into what is most important to the office of the future. 

Employee health and safety is paramount to bringing people back to the office. Below are some screen shots of the Save My Seat application being deployed throughout the US, UK and Canada.

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Figure 1 Login page

Figure 2 Users choose date and location with single and multiple days options

Figure 3 Save My Seat offers customized seat plans

Figure 4 Booking confirmation shows the process is complete

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