Faithful+Gould to Sponsor the Canadian Value Symposium 2017

Tana Burhans
Faithful+Gould is sponsoring the upcoming Canadian Value Symposium 2017, which runs Monday and Tuesday, October 16-17, at the Château Vaudreuil outside of Montreal.

This is the firm’s eighth year serving as a sponsor for the event since 2004. The theme of this year’s conference is “Value Analysis, Simple and Reliable.” Attendees will have the opportunity to attend presentations by a range of North America’s leading experts in value management, who will cover how the practice can improve services, projects, products and overall organizations.

On the second day of the conference, Faithful+Gould Chief Value Manager Scot McClintock. PE, CVS-Life, PVM, FSAVE will lead a presentation in conjunction with AECOM Project Manager Tammy Dow, P.Eng., CVS-Life. The presentation is entitled “Building Consensus through Value Focus to Benefit Seniors.” Through lessons learned in a workshop held in August 2015, the two will demonstrate how the value management process can be applied to focus team members and deliver results.

Scot shared, “This workshop was a testament to the consensus building power of value management. Through our use of this industry recognized practice, a room of more than 20 that was evenly divided on what the project should be on day one became one voice on how to deliver the project by the end of the workshop. I am excited to share with my colleagues at the conference just how we got there."

The event will be hosted by Value Analysis Canada (VAC), formerly known as the Canadian Society for Value Analysis (CSVA). Faithful+Gould has been involved with VAC since 2004. Scot is currently on the Board of Directors and previously served as President.

If you are in the area, be sure to register and check out Scot’s presentation!

Click here for more information, and to register for the event.

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