Strategic Facility Consulting

Reza Amirkhalili
As owners seek to make existing buildings work harder and smarter, Faithful+Gould’s strategic facility consulting (SFC) service identifies priorities, highlighting what can be done to maintain facilities and bring them up to modern and green standards.

Strategic facility consulting is comprised of the following customizable elements:

  • Condition assessments

  • Energy and environmental analysis

  • Security and compliance audits

  • Life cycle capital planning

  • Sustainability consulting

Strategic facility consulting provides a comprehensive framework that allows organizations to benchmark accountability and sustainability while managing their operational goals.

It provides advice on how best to align your property portfolio value to meet your management needs while reducing both capital and operational costs.

The benefits of strategic facility consulting

Properties are aging faster than they can be replaced, resulting in buildings and their components needing servicing for longer periods of time.

Strategic facility consulting helps public and private owners and purchasers make the right management decisions to maintain and increase the value of their property portfolio.

It gives you the ability to leverage your investments across key facets of operation and optimize the impacts of the economy, energy, and environment and social responsibilities.

Strategic facility consulting provides:

  • A central knowledge base

  • Reduced costs

  • Improved efficiencies

  • Defendable investment strategies

  • Scenario planning and decision support

  • Lifecycle planning and budgeting benefits

It combines traditionally independent services into a comprehensive solution, providing you with direct access to information that improves decision making.

How we can help

We manage the process and, in collaboration with your project and program teams, recommend the best route to reduce risk and develop a capital plan that progresses performance goals and improves overall investment and management through extensive monitoring and reporting.

We have multidisciplinary expertise and a global team of property and facility assessment and management professionals.

We work alongside our clients' facility and property departments. In doing so, we extend our industry expertise and commitment to accountability and sustainability.

User-friendly information

To deliver the most accessible and user-friendly facility information to our clients, we use Faithful+Gould iPlan™ software.

We tie static condition assessment data into the Building Information Modeling (BIM) component, which provides a dynamic and descriptive presentation of information for a specific facility, ultimately enhancing the usability of the information.

Along with the graphical display of assessment data through an existing BIM system, GIS portfolio mapping provides another method to use data from across an entire property portfolio.

This element allows you to visually group properties by condition rating then consolidate condition data to effectively and efficiently manage your portfolios over time.