A1 Leeming to Barton Upgrades Scheme

As a strategically important North/South inter-regional trunk road, the A1 Leeming to Barton (A1L2B) carriageway was the last remaining section that was not Motorway Standard. 

Due to poor alignment, a poor accident record and a high percentage of HGVs, A1L2B required improvement in several areas. 

The project replaced the existing carriageway with a 19.3km dual three-lane motorway and provided 15km of new Local Access Road running parallel.  It involved the construction of a new separated junction at Catterick, with construction, refurbishment, demolition or modification to a total of 12 structures, including a major river crossing.

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As a result of the £420m upgrade project, it has provided substantial economic benefit by reducing journey times by 20%. More importantly, the project is predicted to save around 20 lives and prevent around 450 accidents over a 60-year period.

Now that this significant project is completed, the A1L2B has created a continuous motorway-standard route between London and Newcastle.  The journey time savings and safety improvements demonstrate the regional significance of the project not just in the highways sector but also supporting economic growth in the region and the Northern Powerhouse agenda.

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