Deer Valley Airport

Faithful+Gould provided strategic facility consulting (SFC) services at Deer Valley Airport, one of the busiest non-commercial airports in the world. The site's 75,000ft2 portfolio of properties includes: Terminal building, private aircraft hangars, vehicle and aircraft repair buildings and workshops.

Faithful+Gould performed a comprehensive facility condition assessment (FCA). This included: Evaluating the physical conditions of the building components and systems, observing and interpreting system performance, comparing existing systems and their conditions to the building codes in effect at the time of construction, and to those presently enforced, we also completed an inventory of major mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire and conveyance systems.

Our detailed facility condition report provided Deer Valley Airport and the City of Phoenix with a comprehensive overview of the existing condition, life expectancy, future repairs and upgrade costs of the airport's buildings and infrastructure. Our FCA also provided a detailed 10 year capital expenditure plan. The plan allows Deer Valley Airport to minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns and business interruption. It also realizes net bottom-line benefits through sound financial planning.

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