Delta Airlines Checked Baggage Inspection System

Representing Delta Airlines, we provided construction management services for the implementation of a $56-million new generation inline checked baggage inspection system (CBIS) including all associated existing subsystems upgrades.

Our team managed the overall baggage handling ticketing as well as the international and domestic claim subsystem upgrades and were responsible for the daily coordination of the A/E design consultants, general contractor, baggage handling system (BHS) supplier and all owner/operator stakeholders. Early constructability, phasing and schedule reviews performed by our CM team resulted in a six-week reduction of the overall BHS/CBIS schedule duration of the installation.

We performed value engineering and reconfigured the original design, which resulted in a fully-redundant/flexible system that operates in a common-use environment. The reconfiguration led to fewer overall conveyor components, vertical sorters and motors. In addition to the reduced capital cost, the reduction in overall equipment translated into significant operational energy cost savings.

Our firm was as also responsible for the BHS/CBIS interface with terminal IT systems and the development of interface control documents (ICD). The project won The Greater New York Construction Users Councils 2014 Award for Outstanding Infrastructure Project.

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