National Parks Service, Former Bureau of Mines Site

We are providing construction management services to the National Parks Service for the 27-acre site that includes 11 buildings all slated for demolition, as well as restoration of the walls of a cold water spring that holds significant historical importance to the state of Minnesota and cultural importance to the Mdewakanton Dakota. The site at Fort Snelling is located at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers and is considered the birth place of the state of Minnesota. Soldiers discovered the spring in 1820 and founded Camp Coldwater; a pioneer settlement grew around the camp to supply and service Fort Snelling.

The property will be restored to open space grassland and oak savannah, and will be a protected and preserved national park managed by the Mississippi River National River and Recreation Area (MNRRA), a division of the National Parks Service. The project includes demolition of existing structures, remediation of hazardous materials, restoration of the site to native conditions, and protection of historical and archaeological resources, including the cold water spring. Concrete portions of the demolished buildings will be crushed and some used as fill in some of the areas where the buildings have been removed. Most of it will be hauled to a transfer site where it will be made available for other construction projects within the region.

Glenn Johnson of our Minneapolis office is providing construction management services for the asbestos abatement and lead stabilization as well as overseeing the demolition of the modern buildings and land restoration with support from Melody Bruen and Linn Newell also out of Minneapolis. Gary Self, senior group manager in Atkins North America’s (NA) Denver office, oversees the contract with the National Parks Service. Gary had this to say about the project: “Atkins NA and Faithful+Gould were able to collaborate to provide the National Park Service with the experience and expertise it needed for the work at Fort Snelling." "Faithful+Gould had a local employee with the exact experience needed for this CM assignment, which enabled us to submit a very competitive proposal under the Atkins NA contract with the NPS. This is an example of how our two companies can work together to provide the best resources to meet the client’s needs," Gary continued.

The project is currently ahead of schedule, due partly to the extremely mild winter the Twin Cities has been experiencing.  Demolition is complete on the site and went very smoothly with only small issues regarding hidden environmental and hazardous materials. The team is currently reviewing design for creek daylighting and two footbridges. Geological issues have required some structural changes to the original design because and bedrock depth and soil conditions at the site. It is anticipated the park will be available for public use as early as late July. “It’s been great working on a project with so much local support in the community. People remember what the area used to look like before the bureau started using it, and they are excited to see it restored and used as park and recreational area once again," Glenn said.