ProCure Treatment Centers, Inc.

We were selected by ProCure Treatment Centers, Inc., to provide technical advisor, due diligence and loan monitoring services for the ProCure Treatment Center located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The new proton facility is a 53,000-square-foot, type 2B unprotected facility, consisting of cast in place concrete, structural steel framing with composite roof decking. The facility is located on an approximate 6-acre site including site work, utilities and amenities. Construction costs were estimated at $25 million of the overall $103.5 million budget. The work was performed on a phased construction schedule to incorporate substantial equipment and stayed on track to be completed by the summer of 2009, in a world record 27 months. 

It is only the sixth center in the United States providing proton therapy to treat a variety of cancer tumors. During the course of the project, we were involved in both the pre-construction phase as well as the construction phase. Services included but were not limited to review of the GMP budget and proposed construction schedule, review contractor’s proposed payment schedule (Schedule of Values) and construction schedule review, final GMP and allowance items, review construction schedules and milestones and establish construction, job site visits and reporting procedures. In conjunction with the architect, we review payment requests and lien waivers and recommend payment approval to the owner. Semi-monthly site visits and inspections to confirm quality and schedule compliance up to building substantial completion and operation were performed throughout every phase of construction. After working on this first facility in Oklahoma, we were requested to provide, and have since completed, services at the Warrenville, Illinois, center. Also following on the success of the Oklahoma project, we are currently providing services at the Seattle, Washington, and Princeton, New Jersey, facilities.