Royal Bank of Scotland Program Support Office (PSO)

Faithful+Gould has been a global service provider to Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) for more than 25 years, delivering program and cost management services to RBS in the Americas. For this assignment, Faithful+Gould’s team analyzed RBS business processes and procedures for procurement, management and delivery of capital projects and offered solutions for improvement. Primary to these recommendations, Faithful+Gould worked with RBS to establish a Program Support Office (PSO) in the firm's Americas Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

The purpose of the PSO is to improve processes and procedures, provide consistency in approach and to standardize the way projects are managed, delivered, tracked and reported. The PSO concept was developed around four key initiatives which included information systems and reporting, costs and commercial management, program management, and supply chain strategy.

The purpose of the PSO is to improve processes and procedures...

The information systems and reporting initiative included identifying pipeline projects, MI projects database, reporting and document management. The cost and commercial initiative included budget / change management, clash detection, delivery schedule, benchmarking and budget validation. The program management initiative included workflow, risk management and program management. The last initiative was the suppliers/framework initiative that included supply chain, market intelligence, project models and framework strategy.

Faithful+Gould provided similar services in the UK / EMEA region, as well, realizing a 20% reduction in project cycle times and 8% cost savings to RBS over the duration of the program.