School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Faithful+Gould has completed a facility condition assessment and analysis planning of facilities owned by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) to develop a 20-year capital expenditure forecast. These assessments included high-rise residence halls and teaching facilities located in downtown Chicago, the Roger Brown museum on the north side of Chicago and a retreat facility for faculty and staff in New Buffalo, Indiana. Faithful+Gould assessed eight buildings totaling 1.13 million square feet.

The School of the Art Institute is a tremendous steward of a diverse stock of iconic Chicago buildings dating from 1884. We worked together to understand the unique condition and needs of each property to better align capital expenditure planning with long-term reliability and asset needs of the school.

Faithful+Gould has been working with SAIC since 2009. The main focus of our service has been at the preliminary estimating phase to assist the school in its budget identification. Since the school owns a variety of projects, each one has its unique maintenance requirements. The estimates provided a level of accuracy that enabled the school to prioritize its needs. The continued support provided by Faithful+Gould has reinforced the relationship with SAIC and has led to additional opportunities such as the facilities assessment and analysis planning.

Faithful+Gould has provided facility assessments for clients across the country; providing an impartial, objective analysis of the client's facility infrastructure to determine condition, code compliance, efficiency, life expectancy and future repair and upgrade costs. We provide recommended repair actions, replacement priorities, remaining useful life, estimated current and future replacement costs, and other detailed information.

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