Stroger Hospital

Faithful+Gould was awarded the construction management contract for both the $19 million clean steam piping replacement project and the $26.5 million Guaranteed Energy Performance project at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County in Chicago, IL.

Clean Steam Piping Replacement Project

This project consisted of replacing approximately five miles of piping above the ceiling across six floors of the operating hospital, the replacement of 45 humidifiers in 20 operating rooms, the neonatal intensive care nurseries and labor and delivery operating rooms to name a few, and the replacement of 38 large humidifiers in each of the 38 air handling units. In addition, the project required the install of four new 2,500-gallon condensate receiver tanks, additional supplemental equipment and the replacement of the steam piping used for the sterile processing units throughout the hospital.

The main challenges faced by the team included: the physical issue of replacing five miles of piping and the installation of more than 80 humidifiers above the ceiling in some of the most critical areas in a fully operational hospital; the shutdown and disruption of airflow in the hospital required to install the humidifiers at the air handling units; the shutdown and logistics involved to install and connect the new piping to the sterilizers in the sterile processing spaces; and the stakeholder diversity involved in logistical decisions.

The key to the successful completion of this project can largely be attributed to the exuberant amount of communication and the relationships that Faithful+Gould was able to generate with the physicians, nurses, department heads and administrators. Our team first achieved an understanding of the critical issues and then gained the trust of all affected stakeholders. The project team rose to the challenge and developed in-depth logistics, phasing plans and precise schedules.

Guaranteed Energy Performance Project

This project consisted of the replacement of outdated and inefficient equipment within six buildings totaling more than 1.5 million square feet on the campus. There were 28 Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) selected for implementation. This was an extremely complex program with projects in multiple locations, each with multiple stakeholders and affecting critical systems in every kind of operational setting.

Faithful+Gould’s constructive expertise successfully completed the following ECM activities: high-efficiency lighting and ballast, replacement, lighting controller upgrades, VAV box optimization, electronic filter retrofits, chiller plant optimization, boiler system retrofits and replacements, steam trap replacements, dual duct VAV & mixed air conversions, domestic water booster upgrades, miscellaneous heating upgrades, upgraded building automation systems, LEED and energy star benchmarking.

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