CREATE Lab Picks up Two Awards

Kelly Tan
CREATE’s pioneering design in the use of advance energy efficient technologies in buildings within the tropics have garnered much attention and recognition within the industry.

Faithful+Gould's commercial services team was engaged on the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) project in Singapore from 2008 – 2011. Unique features of the CREATE building includes:

  • Equipping the buildings with energy recovery systems and chilled beams to minimise the need for energy-intensive mechanical systems.
  • Efficient water treatment facility reduces dependence on municipal water through the treatment and re-use of rainwater (rainwater harvesting) and grey water from showers and lavatories.
  • The locating of wet laboratories in the low-rise wings, while dry labs and offices are in the high-rise tower and lab spaces and corridors at the perimeter of buildings so that less artificial lighting is needed.
  • Improved glazed windows to reduce solar transmission;
  • Sunshades and motorised internal roller blinds to maximise daylight and reduce heat glare;
  • Verdant sky gardens and vertical foliage provide ambient cooling;
  • Extensive use of pre-cast elements to reduce material waste;
  • Energy recovery systems and eco-friendly features help save an estimated 9,000,000 kWh of electricity and 66,000 m3 of water annually.

It is the first scientific facility to be accorded Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA)’s 'Green Mark Platinum Award' in 2011.

For the year 2013, the CREATE project was honourably awarded the Research & Development (R&D) magazine’s 'Laboratory of the Year Awards' in recognition of the excellence in design, planning and constructions of the research laboratories worldwide.

"This is a signature project within the Singapore construction industry because of the many 'Firsts' that this building has achieved."

Lim Siew Hian, Faithful+Gould's Associate Director

In addition, it was also awarded the BCA Construction Excellence Award 2013 which recognises the builder’s overall management of the project; technical capability and innovations and quality of the completed project.

Lim Siew Hian, associate director, commented, "This is a signature project within the Singapore construction industry because of the many 'firsts' that this building has achieved. Faithful+Gould is proud to be the quantity surveying team delivering this world-class research facility together with Obayashi Corporation."