Increasing Safety Levels in China

Barry Piper
Congratulations to the Dow Chemical Company and the Faithful+Gould Project Management team for delivering the new state-of-the-art Dow Centre in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai.

The end of May 2007 marked the achievement of a remarkable milestone; one million construction man-hours without a recordable incident.

"Differences in working practices and expectations between those in the west and Chinese contractors continue to present a significant challenge as we develop the Centre. Significant cultural gaps meant that investment was needed in a robust safety strategy including training, safety awareness and equipment. Using our local knowledge and know-how we have been able to create innovative incentive programs and environments to raise the safety standards to an unprecedented level in the Chinese industrial property sector." Says Michal Yang HuaiWu, Faithful+Gould Project Manager, Shanghai.

The Shanghai Dow Centre is due for completion by 3rd quarter 2008. By then Faithful+Gould’s project management will have contributed to deliver one of the fastest, most cost efficient and one of the largest R&D centres to be built in China – and most importantly it will continue as the benchmark for unprecedented levels of safety in China.

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