Shanghai Office Completes Innovation and Business Hub for Dow

Christie Chua
We have delivered a new business and innovation hub, the Shanghai Dow Center, for the Dow Chemical Company.

Occupying almost 120,000, the center contains a state-of-the-art research and development facility and Dow's regional headquarters for its businesses and functions.

The facility caters for 1,800 engineers and scientists working in more than 80 labs. The Shanghai Dow Center will develop innovative solutions for the construction, transportation, energy, water, electronics, and personal care industries. 

Michael Yang Huaiwu, project manager for Faithful+Gould said "Launching the Shanghai Dow Center is a great way to celebrate the fulfillment of our promise we made to Dow more than 3 years ago - to successfully deliver this project."

The research and development facility also features a unique Customer Innovation Center. This enables Dow to turn market opportunities and new ideas into profitable solutions. It converts concepts into prototypes and will give customers a first-hand opportunity to see how products will taste or feel.

Barry Piper, Asia Pacific director for Faithful+Gould said "China is an important growth frontier for us. The delivery of the Dow Centre in Shanghai not only underscores our company's commitment to China but has been key to our continued business expansion and positioning as one of the leading independent project delivery providers in China."

"The entire site is designed with sustainable concepts," said Anthony Greenwood of Faithful+Gould, "selecting and procuring materials and mechanical systems that meet the standards of energy efficiency and environmental benignity. Rainwater is reused for irrigation and toilet flushing, and low flow water fixtures are selected to reduce water use."

Health and safety was a critical factor in this project. The project team and all the contractors worked together to achieve 6.7 million consecutive injury-free man hours.

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