Meet Justin Khoo, keeping the race on track

Justin Khoo
One of the toughest circuits on the calendar, the Singapore Formula One is an iconic street race that demands considerable planning and coordination of its track infrastructure. When I joined the Faithful+Gould team, to work on the project, despite 20 years’ experience in fit out, I found myself revitalizing my career and renewing my aspirations.

Laying the ground for the iconic race

Being part of Faithful+Gould’s Singapore Grand Prix project team, I find myself focused all the time, as if I was a race driver.

My works as part of the track and civil team are one of the final steps to prepare for the race. Being a street circuit, we need to provide the best condition for the race drivers whilst minimising disruption to the general public. Once the roads are closed, we manage the installation of track barriers, fences, race kerbs, and the circuit’s internal traffic management system. We plan and manage the track barrier works and civil works around the entire circuit with the relevant authorities like the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

Our role also includes discussion with the LTA on the road resurfacing in preparation for next year’s race, and planning track changes from reports or recommendations from the FIA & Formula One. When they arrive, our team facilitates the Formula One works around the circuit, mainly circuit cabling infrastructure.

I’m also involved in planning and executing ground civil works. This package involves the spectator experience – the aesthetic aspects of the circuit. We undertake ground improvement and prepare ground works using temporary protection, like Trackgard, ProFloor, granite chips, palm kernels, and lava stones.

There is no room for error. Working together as a dedicated and passionate team, the years of experience in planning, executing and improving our delivery is key to our success.

Beyond the race track

I joined Faithful+Gould in 2015 as track & civil assistant manager on the Singapore Grand Prix project which is not an ordinary project that every project manager would have the privilege to be involved in. However, there is a lot more that being part of the Faithful+Gould team has to offer. Over the years, being more and more involved in contract management and procurement developed my knowledge, competencies, and maturity, to be the leader I am today. For example, one of my most recent projects had me procuring five tenders to fit out of a chain of F&B outlets. I was involved in preparing the briefs, specifications, documents, interviews and also the award process for all five tenders.

Regardless what type of projects I’m involved in, seeing the look of satisfaction on our clients’ faces is a huge drive for me to strive to be better.

One team, one family

The passion, dedication and common goal to improving constantly and delivering projects successfully bonds our team together. It feels like a family where everyone is prepared to lend a helping hand.

In 2018, I took over the role of track & civil manager for the Singapore Grand Prix project. It saw me working together with the clients in planning and coordinating track infrastructure works. The experience taught me a lot about meeting the expectations and demands of the client and stakeholders. It also honed my people management, protocol, and communication skills.

There were challenges, such as familiarizing myself on contractual matters. But with the support and advice of my peers, I managed to come to a better understanding of contract administration and management. It’s one of the great things about Faithful+Gould – you can get answers from anyone in the company whenever you encounter an issue.

I’m very fortunate to have great managers that give me hands-on guidance to help me develop, and are very understanding and supportive, especially when I was feeling under pressure. I’ve achieved what I have today through hard work and also through the opportunities that management offered to me. They trust in me to deliver, have faith that I will make the right calls, and have always supported me in my career.

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