A New Focus on Integrated Project and Program Management Services

Donald Lawson
We are today announcing a new business focus on integrated project and program management services.

This new direction is in response to a market where clients increasingly want consultancy services which are both global and integrated, rather than the more traditional single service approach that is focussed on just one country.

As part of the new strategy, we are aiming to have over 3,000 staff delivering 70% of our business from outside of the UK. Our clients will still be advised by specialists in every aspect of construction, but this will now be underpinned with an ethos of integrated project and program management. Our core services will continue to be delivered, however, our integrated suite of services will now provide a richer and more holistic offer.

This new direction will ensure we continue to give clients what they want.

The first part of this new direction was seen in the purchase last year of Confluence, the international project and construction management company, which has added further skills and regional expertise to our business. With the new focus, individual teams are now being empowered to offer a combined set of services to clients and new project management software and tools are being rolled out. These include an interactive knowledge capture and sharing platform called iNTEGRA which helps our teams capture best practice and identify global expertise amongst colleagues.

This new direction will ensure we continue to give clients what they want. That is, for a global company to provide a complete consultative answer, rather than just offer a single core service. It is about putting in place the mechanisms and behaviours to share knowledge for the benefit of clients. For many of our clients we are already delivering this complete construction, property or infrastructure consultancy service, so this focus is more about how we reflect ourselves in the market.