General Electric's HQ and R&D Centre, China

Faithful+Gould completed an energy audit and building commissioning on General Electric's (GE) facilities – the China Technology Centre (CTC) and China Technology Park (CTP) in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, China.

CTC is a multidisciplinary research centre that comprises three buildings, world class laboratories and staffed by over 1,200 scientists, researchers, and engineers. CTC is an integral part of GE's global research and one of seven such multidisciplinary research facilities within GE.

CTP is a modern comprehensive office park covering over 88,000sqm, which comprises two office towers, an equipment building, and a separate structure that houses a conference centre and a restaurant. CTP is also GE's headquarters in China.

As the testing and commissioning consultant, we performed energy audit on the buildings' equipment and systems, including the electrical, water, HVAC, and low current systems, to identify cost-effective capital improvements that will save energy and lead to higher performance. This was conducted based on field testing for both cooling and heating seasons.

After a detailed on-site testing and data analysis, we identified about 60 energy conservation measures. Jack Guo, senior business development manager sustainability & energy, explained: "During the energy audit, Faithful+Gould had identified low cost and zero cost solutions, such as improving maintenance and operational behaviour, conducting system commissioning, and carrying out simple retrofitting works. This will result in a total annual cost savings of RMB2.61 million for CTC and RMB1.72 million for CTP, with a payback of less than two years. The numbers tell the story! What’s more, 20 percent of the savings can be achieved without any hard cost investments."

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