iPark One

Located along Nanguang Road, the project, iPark One is a mixed-use development that comprises a shopping centre, two commercial condominiums and an office tower. Both commercial condominiums and the retail space are designed and constructed to Green Mark International specifications, a green building rating system introduced by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore to promote sustainability in the built industry.

Energy saving features on the development include usage of energy efficient air-conditioning systems that are 14% more than code requirement; CO2 sensors to balance air quality and minimise energy loss; and light fittings with high frequency ballast, motion sensors to achieve energy improvement of more than 30% based on a like-for-like comparison.

To lower water consumption, water-efficient fittings such as dual flush cisterns, basin taps, bib taps and shower taps are of ‘Good’ rating under the WELS certification are incorporated into the design. Water usage will also be monitored via private meters for each tenant and unit in the retail and commercial condominiums respectively.

Additionally, domestic hot water for the commercial condominium will be provided via a solar hot water system to promote the use of renewable energy and reduce energy consumption. As part of the sustainability initiative, 75% of the construction waste generated will be collected and sorted for recycling. When the development is in operation, there will be recycling facilities located at the basement level for the collection of paper waste, plastic, metals and glass.

Another essential attribute is in promoting the usage of low carbon emission and fuel consumption vehicles by reserving parking spaces nearest to lift lobbies and staircases for such vehicles.

Environmentally friendly products that are certified under the China Environment Labelling scheme such as adhesives, external and internal paint, waterproofing membrane, ceiling panels and partition boards will be used extensively in this development.

Other green features that sum up the development includes:

  • CO sensors that are linked to extract fans in the carpark 
  • Energy efficient lifts and escalators with VVVF motor drive and sleep mode features 
  • Implementation of soil pollution and erosion management plan through the use of sedimentation tank, gutters, sedimentary wall and temporary road hardening measures 
  • Maximise the number of products sourced within 800km of the project site to minimize the environmental impact from transportation 
  • Extensive greenery in the sky garden and various areas 

As the Green Mark consultant on this project, Faithful+Gould’s involvement commenced during design stage, supporting CapitaLand with green strategies to ensure the iPark One project is recognised for its sustainable green building design and practices.

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