Nanyang Technological University Academic Building, Singapore

Sustainability is a key focus at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) – from the physical campus to its research and curriculum. Under its EcoCampus initiative, the campus was transformed into a living test-bed for green technologies and innovations.

As a testament to NTU’s commitment towards sustainability, the Academic Block North, which achieved a record-breaking rating of more than 44 percent energy savings, was amongst the projects that were accredited Green Mark Platinum. From highly efficient LED lighting to heat recovery devices, all systems within the Academic Block North were designed to minimise energy usage.

Faithful+Gould provided cost management services for its Academic Building project, a block of the seven-storey building located at the Academic Block North. The 29,578sqm building houses laboratories and rooms for multi-disciplinary teams of students, faculty, visiting professors and researchers to explore research ideas, network and collaborate. Open spaces for interaction are interspersed with lush greenery around the corridors and walls to maximise natural ventilation, while indoor temperatures are moderated with a fan-less technology.

One of the challenges to achieving an eco-centric facility was having to meet the changing design requirements without impacting overall project budget. There were many design iterations throughout the project, and each time, we had to react quickly to provide different cost options for consideration before decision-making. Having worked with NTU – under its upgrading and expansion framework – in the past helped, as we understood the client’s requirements and their business model.

As cost managers, Faithful+Gould’s role included preliminary estimates through tender document preparation and tender appraisal, cost control, and valuation of work done up to the settlement of the final account.

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