Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, Caojing, China

Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) is the first industrial zone specialised in the development of world-class and large-scale chemical / petrochemical and fine chemistry. SCIP is set out to be one of the largest and the most integrated and advanced world petrochemical bases in Asia.

We are providing services to the following investors: BP SECCO partners have co-invested in 900,000tpa ethylene project with total investment of US$2.73 billion. It will produce 3.7 million tpa products from 8 main plants. These include: Ethylene 900,000t/a Butadiene 90,000t/a PS 300,000t/a PP 250,000t/a Aromatic 500,000t/a Styrene 500,000t/a PE 600,000t/a Acrylonitrile 260,000t/a. Integrated Isocyanate plant is invested by JV of GPCC, SHYG, SCAC, BASF and Huntsman with the total capital investment of 1.12 billion. Main plants Crude MDI 160,000t/a Fine MDI 80,000t/a*2 sets TDI 130,000t/a Aniline 160,000t/a Nitrobenzene 240,000t/a Nitric acid 245,000t/a. Bayer is building the package chemical production base with total US$3.1 billion capital investment. Main plants Poly isocyanate 10,000t/a Poly carbonate 200,000t/a Bisphenol-A 200,000t/a Compound 40,000t/a Diphenyl carbonate 172,000t/a MDI 230,000t/a TDI 150,000t/a.

The approach: Project procurement strategy, vendor procurement stratgey, work breakdown structure, cost estimating, management and control, planning and scheduling, performance and progress management, reporting, change control, risk management, contracts claims and dispute resolution.

The challenge: Help manage and control on behalf of the many owners the PMC, EPC and EPC(M) and all work packages, to provide a flexible, multi–disciplinary and independent approach that reflects international best practice tailored to suit local needs. Faithful+Gould is helping SCIP to be one of the largest, the most integrated and advanced world petrochemical bases in Asia.