Emergency Healthcare Rapid Response

Tom Daly
The built environment industries have an important role to play in supporting healthcare providers with emergency COVID19 response facilities.

Faithful+Gould has aligned with industry experts to rapidly mobilise a holistic solution to the creation of these facilities.

Working together, our team of experts are able to solve multiple complex problems through management, planning, design, procurement, build and operation, while maintaining the fast pace needed in response to the pandemic.

We provide a strong international context through the emergency response facilities that our respective organisations are delivering overseas, and this multi-faceted experience is proving invaluable in supporting clients with the many challenges associated with these fast-track projects.

How can we help?

  • Conversion of unused spaces (e.g. hotels, schools, offices, convention halls) to healthcare facilities
  • Rapidly deployable standalone temporary facilities, to increase capacity. These can be fully operational and delivering front line services in a matter of weeks.
  • Reconfiguration of existing healthcare facilities to allow change of use of clinics / wards. 
  • Creation of administrative, testing or processing facilities. These can act as standalone amenities or extensions to existing facilities
  • Legacy support - return to original use, reconfigure as permanent healthcare facility, change use to key staff accommodation, or support return to sale or rental market.

To mobilise core operations swiftly, clients will need to procure their emergency facility as quickly as possible. A consortium-based delivery team brings all parties to the table simultaneously, preventing procurement delays and expediting the most efficient project initiation.   

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