Faithful+Gould Takes QGBC’s No Paper Day to the Next Level

Shauna McHenry
Faithful+Gould not only took part in Qatar Green Building Council’s annual No Paper Day but took it one step further and made it a region wide initiative.

Each of its six offices around the Middle East got involved and their overall paper wastage was reduced significantly. Offering sustainability management as part of its integrated project and programme management services, Faithful+Gould is well aware of the environmental impact of office operations and the appointment of Dr Neil Kirkpatrick as head of sustainability in January cemented their commitment to the environment in its own offices and on client projects.

The business has already introduced a number of initiatives to limit paper wastage and damage to the environment. These include the use of ‘follow me printing,’ requiring employees to confirm the release of their print job which reduces the amount of error; duplicate or forgotten prints and encourages users to think twice before printing unnecessarily. These energy efficient printers are also on a default setting to print black and white and double sided, again reducing paper wastage and also cost.

Faithful+Gould has also embraced sustainability considerations in its procurement of paper, using paper that is manufactured by companies that meet the highest international standards for environmental management, quality management and health and safety. The fibre used to make the printing paper and other paper products is sourced from sustainably managed forests using recycled fibre where possible, depending on the grade of paper required. Scrutiny is also given to ensure the paper manufacture process uses reduced quantities of energy and water as well as chemicals used in pulping and bleaching.

"If we all make some small changes to how we work, we can collectively accomplish great things.”

Dr Neil Kirkpatrick, Faithful+Gould Head of Sustainability - Middle East

Continuous improvement is a main objective for the company and the No Paper Day was a chance to to reassert its commitment to building a green future. An internal marketing campaign was run to support the initiative, with backing from managing director, Campbell Gray and a series of online resources were made available to give employees hints and tips on how to reduce their environmental impact both in work and at home.

Dr Neil Kirkpatrick also attended the No Paper Day awareness session, run by QGBC, to further his knowledge and network with other sustainability professionals. He said: "This session was very helpful and it was beneficial to hear how other organisations are doing their bit to reduce environmental impacts. If we all make some small changes to how we work, we can collectively accomplish great things.”