The Kuwait's Ministry of Public Works

The Kuwait’s Ministry of Public Works (MPW) has appointed Faithful+Gould to establish a world class project management office (PMO) which will oversee its multi-billion dollar infrastructure development programme.

Faithful+Gould will review the MPW’s existing organisation and project management methods before developing a tailor-made Project Control System (PCS) which will underpin a more centralised and standardised approach to planning, design, procurement, construction and operation of built environment assets.

The second phase of Faithful+Gould’s contract will include the training of 180 MPW staff to operate and manage projects using the new system. This will enable the MPW to maximise its capabilities to deliver international best practice.

The training of local professionals is essential to the success of this project and highlights MPW’s determination to embed the new system and practices into its buildings sector. This is part of an excellent wider initiative in Kuwait, where incoming consultancies are required to contribute to the country’s investment in training and professional development.

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