Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) – Investment Master Plan, Dubai

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) manages and operates a diverse range of assets across Dubai. Faithful+Gould was commissioned to analyse the RTA organisation in order to understand the business structure and asset management strategy. Following the comprehensive review, Faithful+Gould completed a 360 degree review of the asset data and reported back to RTA a detailed assessment of core / non core assets and revenue / non revenue classification generating assets. From the classified asset data Faithful+Gould calculated a 25 year life cycle replacement. This will assist the RTA in their long term financial planning.

The approach taken was to work with the client and third parties to gain an in-depth knowledge of the business and the approach taken towards asset management.

The challenge was to assimilate a significant amount of asset information spread across all areas of the business. To carry out a detailed interrogation of the data in order to compile sections of the investment master plan.

The outcome was the successful delivery of a comprehensive report that assisted the client in their strategic asset planning. The report included:

  • Identification of the life cycle replacement costs over a 30 year period;
  • Provision of a detailed gap analysis to clarify where asset information is incomplete;
  • Classification of core and non core assets;
  • Classification of revenue generating assets;
  • Identification of opportunities for increased revenue from the asset base;
  • Identification of future investment opportunities;
  • Identification of strategies to maximise profits from revenue generating opportunities.

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