Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi

Saadiyat Island (‘Island of Happiness' in Arabic) is being developed by the Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC). It is a natural island just off Abu Dhabi's coast and covers 27 square kilometres (2,700 hectares). The island will eventually be home to 160,000 people and has an investment value of US$27 billion.

Saadiyat Island will house the world's largest single concentration of premier cultural institutions and iconic landmarks designed by Pritzker Prize winning architects: The Sheikh Zayed National Museum designed by Foster & Partners, the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Museum designed by Frank Gehry, the Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum designed by Jean Nouvel, a performing arts centre and a maritime museum. Faithful+Gould provided a range of services for each of the cultural centres, including: Risk management, cost management, planning management, commercial management, procurement management and environmental management OutcomeDevelopment of the island will be completed in phases until 2018.

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