2019 Location Indices for Europe

Tristan Harris
Our industry experts have produced location indices for Europe.

This parity index calculated for Europe is current as of January 2019. The index is derived from our own cost intelligence, industry and market recognised data. The parity allows for the differing construction methodologies, legislation and regulations adopted internationally.

The index is a relative representation of the varying locations and economies. Actual costs are dependent upon unique project characteristics and their location within a region. For example, construction costs in London are significantly higher than those elsewhere in the UK and this should be taken into account when applying the index in practice.

For an accurate application of the parity index for a specific project it should be discussed with one of our technical staff who will be able to provide a specific regional analysis bespoke to your needs.

Due to the current currency fluctuations in Europe, the parity index is displayed in pounds sterling only. The local exchange rate should be applied to the parity index if costs are required in a specific currency. The index represents the UK as being 1.00.


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Factors such as the ratio of imported to local materials and labor and relative construction supply and demand for each project can have a substantial impact on international project cost.

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