BCO Conference 2019

Matthew Goodwin
Faithful+Gould is pleased to be supporting the BCO with silver sponsorship and attendance at this year’s annual conference in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a city in progression with many built assets and lifestyle characteristics that are developing as leading examples within Europe of new ways of looking at urban design and the ways in which people want to live, work and entertain.

The theme for this year’s BCO Conference is “Arbejdsglaede” meaning “happiness at work” which research suggests is something the Scandinavians seem to lead the world on at present.  We expect to learn more about how the work environment in Copenhagen is supporting this achievement and what lessons we can glean or visit by way of example.

Faithful+Gould is actively involved in the design and development process of many current leading UK workplace projects bringing about innovation through the use of new technologies and tools as part of our cost, project management and building surveying suite of services.  We are currently using offsite construction, digital tools and modern approaches to construction across many sectors including workplace and office development projects to add value to the cost and programme management services we are delivering to key clients.

In this ever-changing world, Faithful+Gould is working well to deliver advancement in the construction process and build assets through existing knowledge and modern approaches to construction of offices to be at the leading edge of our industry. 

More to follow on findings from the BCO Conference 2019!

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