BioPharma Networking: Collaboration Enhances Best Practice

Chris Taylor
Within the BioPharma sector collaboration plays a big part in relation to the built environment, transcending the commercial competitiveness that naturally exists in companies' core business areas. A collaborative approach addresses such common themes as risk management and verification.

The BioPharma sector is traditionally robust during recession, but continues to face built environment challenges in the current market.

BioPharma facilities include research and development laboratories, vivariums, pilot plants and manufacturing facilities. These are complex buildings, requiring:

  • Stringent regulatory constraints to be met
  • Value for money
  • Flexibility to adapt as technologies advance

Best practice underpins the sector's approach to capital investment planning. There's growing recognition that sector collaboration in this area can play a big part. This transcends the commercial competitiveness that naturally exists in companies' core business areas.

BioPharmaceuticals Conferences

Faithful+Gould is keen to support the collaboration agenda. In 2008 we facilitated the first Faithful+Gould BioPharmaceuticals Conference, held in London. The second conference took place in New York in 2009. Each event attracted 30 pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients. The delegates explored ways of sharing best practice in the programme and project management of their planned investments.

Six key themes emerged from the New York conference workshops:

  • Risk management
  • Key performance indicators and metrics
  • Verification of processes
  • Estimating
  • Standard processes
  • Organisation

Communities of Practice

To continue this collaborative exploration, we have set up 6 ‘Communities of Practice' (COP) groups, each focusing on one of the key themes. This enables interested parties to engage in ongoing collaboration. A dedicated BioPharma SharePoint site gives participants access to forums, information and file sharing. The site will also be available for BioPharma clients who prefer to be ‘visitors' rather than participants.

Autumn 2010 Conference

Our next global BioPharmaceuticals Conference will continue to explore networking, sharing best practice and exchanging ideas. We will also focus on the COPs' plans and progress to date. This is scheduled for autumn 2010 and details will be available shortly.

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