Birmingham Office Comes Together to Support 704SE7ENTY

John Rawlinson
To celebrate its 70th anniversary, Faithful+Gould has launched 704SE7ENTY, its first national charity initiative, which sees colleagues across our UK and Europe offices cycle 7,000 miles in 70 days aiming to raise £70,000 for Alzheimer’s Society.

From a personal perspective, this is a great cause which I am excited and pleased to be part of. I get a lot of satisfaction from being involved in charity work and seeing my colleagues help raise money for an important cause. As part of a multi-national organisation it is also a broader opportunity which allows us to use the size of our organisation and visibly demonstrate our commitment to CSR, supporting a national charity which provides much needed support at a local level. What is special about 704SEVENTY is that all the offices across UK+Europe have come together to raise money for one charity and our combined efforts will make a huge difference to the valuable work Alzheimer’s Society carries out.

The Birmingham office kicked off our campaign with the Midlands bike ride which saw over twenty staff and family and friends cycle over 40 miles from Atherstone in the West Midlands to Trent Lock in the East Midlands. We’ve got a few cycling enthusiasts in the Birmingham office and it was great to see them come forward and dedicate some of their precious free time to plan the cycle route and ensure that all cyclists taking part, regardless of their ability, felt comfortable with the route. Feedback from those that took part was really positive and has given those with no or little cycling experience before the event the cycling bug.

Feedback from those that took part was really positive...

As not everyone likes outdoor cycling, we also held a static bike cycling challenge, with the challenge to have the static bikes in continual use for the duration of the working day. We made the most of being based in a multi-tenanted office block and had our bikes in the main reception, to try and encourage as many people as possible, including our colleagues from within Atkins to donate.

For staff who prefer using their brain over their brawn, we held an office quiz on the evening of the same day as the bike challenge. We’ve previously held an office quiz and it was originally organised as a way of increasing integration amongst different teams in the office as the teams are picked at random, providing a great opportunity for staff to mix with individuals they wouldn’t normally work with. This year, we held the quiz in support of 704SEVENTY and ran a raffle and an auction alongside the quiz having secured prizes from a number of local businesses. We raised over £1,000 across the full day of fundraising.

I’m really proud of all of my colleagues that have helped organise and have taken part in the fundraising activities.

We also held a bake off themed cupcake day, in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s Society cupcake day. The theme was ‘something blue’ to tie into Alzheimer’s Society and our corporate colours and it provided some very tasty alternatives at lunch time!

I’m really proud of all of my colleagues that have helped organise and have taken part in the fundraising activities. Not only is the 704SEVENTY Campaign raising a great deal of money for a worthwhile cause, it’s also proven to be a fun way to integrate teams and get people who wouldn’t normally mix in their day to day roles work together towards a common goal.

You can find out more about Faithful+Gould’s 704SE7ENTY campaign here.

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