Building for The Future in 2021- Helping to Deliver Scotland’s Housing Needs

Andy Bell
At Faithful+Gould we are proud to be involved in the delivery of over 5,500 affordable housing units to date as part of efforts to meet the Government’s five-year target of 50,000 affordable homes. 

The actual delivery noted in the Government’s AHSP Out-Turn report is circa. 35,000 units. With that in mind, we are working to continue our successful partnerships with our clients in the years ahead as we look to deliver on revised targets.

2021 will be a year of change:

  • Covid - vaccinations are ongoing as we work towards (hopefully) getting back to some sort of normality;
  • Brexit - (whether you were for it or against it) has come to pass and we are experiencing the impact of the new trading and import requirements
  • Elections - There will be an election for the Scottish Government in May with new policies impacting on the construction sector in myriad ways, from budgetary changes across various sectors to new sustainability targets and funding requirements;
  • Regulatory - Along with policy changes, regulatory changes will see the need for automatic fire suppression systems required in more new build properties than the previous regulations, including all social housing units;
  • Standards - Work will also need to commence on existing housing stock to meet the new Fire and Smoke Alarm Standards and Energy Efficiency Standards for Social Housing;
  • COP26 - will take place in Glasgow in November and should see revised climate targets for all participants, further driving targets on zero carbon construction;
  • Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) - Promotion of further advancements in MMC, although this remains undefined at present;
  • Digital connectivity - will be of paramount importance and is highlighted by the impact of current working practices;
  • Sustainability - There will be a further push towards Decarbonising Heat to meet energy efficiency standards;

It is clear that we cannot stand still as the world progresses to deal with the increasing demands placed on resources whilst delivering sustainable and safe environments for all.

Housing demands of the future

The demand for housing in Scotland will see a need for 53,000 affordable homes between 2021 and 2025. This will see £2.8bn in capital expended to meet these needs.

Our clients are leading the way with their choice for delivering to current and future needs. From the installation of sprinklers to increasing the sustainability standard for all units, we are assisting our clients in understanding the implications of these future trends and requirements.

In both new build units and retrofit decarbonisation and refurbishment of existing housing stock, we deliver strategic advice from the outset that enables our clients to understand the impact of upcoming regulatory changes and sustainability targets. Our experience and knowledge in the key areas that will deliver these new requirements mean that we can provide cost and programme certainty in uncertain and challenging times.

Delivering our clients’ needs through 2021 and beyond

As we move through 2021 and beyond, we will be leading the way with insights into the impact of regulatory and policy changes. We have already advised client’s on meeting the new Building Regulations and the impact on not only their current capital spend projects but also their ongoing maintenance programmes. We are working in partnership with our clients to facilitate programme of works to existing stocks that meet the various new Standards that landlords require to meet.

We maintain our pride in our efforts to date but are focused on the challenges ahead and remain ahead of the curve in advising our clients on current and future trends and needs. We look forward to continuing to work with our clients in delivering safe and sustainable communities for all in 2021 and beyond. Our housing experts are ready to assist you with meeting the growing housing demand and we will be happy to discuss our solutions for any of these issues with you.

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