Building a Strong and Resilient Supply Chain

Peter Masonbrook
We are building on our engagement with our supply chain in order to continue to create conditions for our SMEs to thrive.

The Construction 2025 paper (PDF 2.15 MB) comments on the impact the economy has had on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and raises the need to ‘create the conditions for our supply chain to thrive and be confident about investing in new technology and people’. Our supply chain partners have benefited from business growth and regular work opportunities.

We are now in the final year of the hugely successful National Asset Management, Surveying and Design Services (AMSandDS) framework. Since our appointment in October 2012 we have secured business with over 180 clients delivering over 940 projects of which our supply chain play an important part. Our AMSandDS supply chain has national coverage across all disciplines, sectors, and is an outstanding model for local delivery on a national scale.

Putting money back in the local economy is highly important to the public sector, this model enables exactly that in a robust, fast and flexible way. Our social return on investment value generated for the local economy currently stands at over £187 million.

Our supply chain partners have seen a number of benefits through working with us, some of which include:

  • Local business growth
  • Staff growth
  • Continuity of work with regular fast track projects
  • Investment in graduates
  • Investment in training and development
  • The ability to work with other locally based professionals and develop long term relationships

One of our key supply chain partners, Cundall commented on some of the benefits they have received, “Scape has helped us develop together as a team to deliver efficiently and promptly for our mutual clients, without the time consuming constraints of the usual tendering process,” Belinda Morgan, Partner.

Building on our engagement with our supply chain, particularly SMEs, and celebrating our success, we recently hosted a supply chain workshop. Our Scape team was joined by key members of our national supply chain and Tom Allen from Scape, Regional Business Manager for East Anglia & Yorkshire, presented an overview of the Scape Group with a focus on collaboration.

Building a Strong and Resilient Supply Chain

We are building on engagement with our supply chain in order to continue to create conditions for our SMEs to thrive.

Our collaborative approach to supply chain management will grow our mutually beneficial relationships with SMEs which will continue to develop a strong message of local community, growth and investment.

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