Faithful+Gould Welcomes Chief Construction Adviser’s QS Credentials

Dale Potts
The choice of Paul Morrell, a quantity surveyor, as the Government's Chief Construction Adviser was "inspired" according to Faithful+Gould’s chief operating officer UK, Donald Lawson.

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) joined the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) on 23 November in welcoming the appointment of Paul Morrell OBE as the first ever Chief Construction Adviser to Government. The new role will help to bring industry and key decision-makers closer together, which will be vital in facing the challenges that the 21st century, and specifically climate change, will bring.

The choice of Paul Morrell, a quantity surveyor, as the Government's chief construction adviser was "inspired" according to Faithful+Gould's Chief Operating Officer UK, Donald Lawson. He said the role was about facilitating a new era in the construction sector - turning 'old jobs' into 'new jobs'. This modernisation, he said, needed the kind of independent view that quantity surveyors were trained to apply to projects.

Lawson said: "Paul Morrell's appointment underpins the contribution that the QS world delivers to construction in the UK. His expertise will undoubtedly drive delivery of much needed industry improvements in the procurement process, health and safety, and importantly our environment where the challenge is to achieve the 'must do' carbon reduction within best value capital expenditure.

"Importantly his training and QS experience will have given him both the negotiating skills and the deep knowledge of the construction sector he'll need in order to bridge the gap between what the industry would like, what Government thinks is required, and what is strategically vital. He has already called himself a ‘translator', and I think that is right."

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