Companies Aren't Ready for the Carbon Tax

Sean Lockie
As the registration deadline for the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme approaches, many organisations face financial and reputational risks by lack of preparation. We look at the steps companies need to take towards compliance, including carbon footprinting reports and energy efficiency strategies.

The Telegraph has revealed that many companies aren't ready for the Carbon Reduction Commitment. Missing the deadline could bring fines of up to £45,000, and reputational damage from ‘naming and shaming' in the CRC league table.

Faithful+Gould and its parent company Atkins offer a range of carbon management solutions to help your organisation avoid this.

The Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme appears to be here to stay, although Greg Barker, Energy and Climate Change minister, has asked for suggestions to make the scheme simpler in future.

The latest Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) press release reveals that only 1229 of 4-5000 organisations expected to qualify for the scheme have registered. Many organisations are therefore facing both financial and reputational risks in not preparing for the 30th September registration deadline.

Missing the deadline means an immediate £5,000 fine, and £500 for each day thereafter, up to a maximum of £45,000. Failure to register leads to a ‘naming and shaming' in the CRC league table. When published in October 2011, it's expected that much will be made of league table positions by competitor organisations, environmental NGOs and the press.

Faithful+Gould offers a range of compliance, technical, and strategic support services to enable your organisation to reduce its exposure and maximise its position in the CRC league table.

We can offer immediate assistance in establishing whether organisations need to register, make an information disclosure, or simply confirm that no action is needed.

If you need to register, we provide support to facilitate this process, ensuring that your organisation is compliant with scheme requirements. We'll guide you through the registration process or act as an agent to do so on your behalf. We can help with producing CRC Footprint Reports and on-going Annual Reports.

As well as on-going support for CRC compliance, we also offer a range of services to help your organisation mitigate carbon emissions though energy efficiency:

  • Technical consultancy to identify opportunities for energy efficiency from existing estate

  • Identification and development of capital projects for further carbon reduction

  • Energy/Carbon Management strategies to maximise opportunity to mitigate the impact of CRC, whilst reducing exposure to increasing energy prices

  • Lifecycle assessments of projects

  • Strategic overview and ‘rightsizing' of a property portfolio