Diploma Constructs Business Champions

Dale Potts
Whilst the introduction of the national Diploma is already causing a stir amongst students, there are major implications for Nottingham businesses which will be critical to the success of the scheme in the city.

The new qualification, which will be introduced in September, is aimed at 14-19 year olds to enable them to explore career options through vocational learning. There will be five different subject areas covered in Nottingham; Construction, Information Technology, Creative and Media, Society, Health and Development, and Engineering with a further nine available by 2013.

The commitment of local businesses will be play a major role in the Diploma’s success with long term involvement needed to ensure that schools and colleges can guarantee a vocational experience for students.

The Nottingham office of international project manager and cost consultant Faithful+Gould is one such business that has outlined its commitment to the qualification with director, David Pick, being selected as Champion for the Construction and the Built Environment Diploma.

David says, "I am delighted to be involved with the Diploma in Nottingham and am looking forward to the prospect of working with local schools and colleges to ensure that students gain a real insight into working within the construction industry and the opportunities that are available.

"Businesses will play a key role in supporting education and skills to ensure the Diploma will work for everyone and, in return, the scheme will help to create a skills pool of potential employees."

Berni Dickinson, Nottingham City Council Work Related Learning Executive Officer adds, “14 to 19 year olds need the education and training to prepare them for their future, whilst ensuring that they can optimise their future career options, which is why the Diploma has been developed. Students will be able to choose a subject area they are interested in whilst ensuring that they continue with curriculum based subjects such as Maths, English and ICT.

"The involvement of businesses like Faithful+Gould will play a key role in the Diploma’s introduction. From an employers perspective the Diploma will mean students are better prepared and will have the knowledge needed from a younger age, to develop work-related skills to meet businesses needs."

Matt Smart, Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire Education Business Alliance continues: "Diplomas will offer the opportunity for learners to acquire better work-related skills and enable them to fill some of the 'skills-gaps' that are appearing in the UK and East Midlands economy. It is essential for employers to be closely involved in the design and delivery of the Diplomas so that we can ensure that their future-needs will be met by the next generation of employees. I am delighted that David Pick and Faithful+Gould are willing and able to engage with the Diplomas and act as a Champion."

David concludes: "Due to the nature of the implementation plan, the diploma will also enable businesses to identify gaps, develop new vocational pathways and address staff development needs. Having the opportunity to raise the profile of your business amongst this key age group whilst ensuring that young people have the appropriate skills required to enter the workplace."

Businesses who are interested in getting involved in this programme can find out more by visiting www.qca.org.uk/14-19 or www.cbediploma.co.uk.

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