Expert knowledge of the Condition Improvement Fund application process and requirements

Graeme Race
Faithful+Gould have a detailed knowledge of the strict requirements which are necessary to provide a successful bid document.

If you need help accessing Condition Improvement Funding, either a new application or a resubmission of a previously unsuccessful one, or if you are interested in hearing about any other funding options which may be available to you, click below to speak to our experts.

Faithful+Gould’s consultant role includes navigating the funding route and providing professional reports in support of CIF applications. Our experience enables us to target the elements most likely to meet the funding criteria, whilst also identifying those areas which can create those marginal gains in scoring, which may previously have been missed.

Our initial consultations identify the key drivers for the potential bids, and then we take the lead in the production of bid documentation, which maximises scoring potential and increases the likelihood of the proposed works being funded.

Our role, however, becomes even more important once an academy’s application is successful. Appointing Faithful+Gould to design and manage the construction process through to completion, ensures projects are delivered in harmony with the funding allocation and delivery plan submitted as part of the application. Where applications are successful, professional fees are always included as part of the funding allocation, meaning that our appointment does not come at a direct cost to the academy itself.

Recent successful applications have resulted in funding for:

  • Roof covering replacement (inclusive of insulation upgrades)
  • Window replacement works
  • Mains heating/boiler replacement works
  • Electrical switchgear, wiring and lighting upgrades
  • Fire alarm replacement
  • Wholesale block refurbishment
  • Classroom extensions to ease overcrowding
  • School house conversion to media suite
  • Sports hall refurbishment

We have an outstanding track record of achieving successful CIF applications with millions of pounds secured for academies across the UK, and an unrivalled knowledge of how to put together successful applications. We take the lead on the application, allowing academies to concentrate on what they do best.

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