Faithful+Gould Makes an IMPACT

Dale Potts
Faithful+Gould is contributing to development of IMPACT, a new building design software plug-in. IMPACT monitors and feeds back on cost and environmental impact at every stage of design, giving a holistic view of building performance.

Cost management consultant Faithful+Gould is one of the leading industry organisations contributing to development of Integrated Material Profile and Costing Tool (IMPACT).

Software for sustainable design

A ‘plug-in' design tool for the construction industry, IMPACT offers a way to prioritise low embodied environmental impact and cost-effective design over the whole life of a building.

IMPACT provides continuous feedback at all stages of design development, guiding the user towards the best low impact and cost-effective solutions. It aims to bring the construction industry closer to a holistic view of building performance by balancing existing analysis with robust embodied costing.

Sustainable building design

In addition to embodied carbon, IMPACT gives feedback on several other key environmental issues, including:

  • Waste
  • Resource use
  • Toxicity


IMPACT will be designed to ‘plug-in' to a key range of software applications. Sharing of electronic information will be a core function, achieved via Building Information Model (BIM) and Industry Foundation Class (IFC) inter-operability standards.

The first phase of the project, due for completion in 2011, will deliver a range of IMPACT tools by software company Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd. The second phase will deliver an ‘IMPACT Specification'. This will allow other 3rd party software developers to produce their own IMPACT compliant tools.

The consortium members are:

Industry organisations contributing to IMPACT include the Construction Products Association, RIBA, NBS as well as Faithful+Gould.

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