Faithful+Gould Implements National Cost Management System

Dale Potts
Faithful+Gould has made a significant investment in the implementation of new cost management software, enabling all of the company’s 2000 plus employees to share data across its network of 26 UK offices.

Faithful+Gould has now successfully tested, installed and trained its entire technical commercial staff in the use of ECL’s CATO Enterprise Cost Management Suite throughout its business in the UK, and has now commenced a programme of implementing its use throughout its global operation.

Rod Bisset, Regional Director and National Manager for the CATO Implementation at Faithful+Gould in Edinburgh, where the system was piloted before being introduced to the rest of the UK business, said: "As a company, we are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to deliver project and cost management solutions to clients across a range of industries, implementing the CATO system is aligned with those objectives. We have made a significant investment in this software, and are confident that it will reap significant improvements in our business processes and productivity."

The CATO system, designed by construction industry IT solutions experts ECL, offers a set of integrated tools to make the whole cost management system more efficient. The tools cover Project Directories, Document handling facilities, Cash Flows, Integrated initial estimates, Cost Plans, Procurement, Valuation and Cost reporting systems along with providing the capability to utilise the data in Whole Life Costing Systems. The system also provides users with the ability to integrate electronically drawn information over all the services from Initial Estimates to final Accounts.

Faithful+Gould is one of the first companies to implement CATO using a central Citrix server which gives staff access to a single instance of the software by means of a virtual server base.

"Learning how to most effectively share data has become embedded in our company culture of Best Practice,” Bisset continues. “In implementing CATO, which was greatly assisted by the excellent IT Infrastructure of our Parent Group Atkins, we have been able to dramatically speed up our knowledge sharing processes by integrating servers across our network of offices and thus allowing all of our staff to work as a single team on a variety of projects remotely, rather than isolated groups within individually networked offices.

"This amalgamation of our market knowledge, organisation and intelligence through the sharing of data and information is crucial to the Faithful+Gould business as it allows us to imbed Best Practice into our working practices, and will ultimately result in knowledge sharing and more effective productivity to the benefit of our clients."

Faithful+Gould piloted the CATO system first in its Edinburgh and Glasgow offices in late 2005 before integrating it into the rest of the business over the last 8 months. They have now instigated the software within their Middle East Offices and are undertaking a similar exercise for the operation within the USA.

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