Faithful+Gould Leads The Way In Whole Life Costing

Dale Potts
Faithful+Gould is staying ahead of the sustainability game with its latest appointment to the Bristol team.

The arrival of senior consultant Colin Reed follows a decision by company leaders to ensure that its Whole Life Costing division continues to forge ahead.

Colin, who lives in Bristol, has joined Faithful+Gould from Carillion. He will be responsible for looking at the practical elements of Whole Life Costing, working with clients to advise on the long-term maintenance and sustainability issues which come hand in hand with the ownership of large buildings.

His role reflects Faithful+Gould’s recognition of the growing need for companies throughout the South West and the rest of the country to think ahead and keep sustainability on the agenda.

Colin said, "Our approach is not to ask clients to spend more money now to save in the future, but to work with them and show them cost effective ways of meeting environmental objectives. It's a question of clever ways of spending money, particularly when it comes to maintenance, energy and asset management. Energy is a particularly hot topic – previously it hasn't been a big issue but now building owners are placing new emphasis on what is expended, both for financial and environmental reasons."

Colin will get involved in advising at various stages of a project’s progression, from conception through to post-completion.

"Our clients need to be aware of Whole Life Costing for many reasons," he said. "They are having to be more aware of it, particularly because of profit margins and Government regulations. The pressures are increasing and my appointment is testament to the fact that Faithful+Gould not only recognises this but is committed to helping its clients to ease those pressures."