Faithful+Gould partner with Co-op and Steel Warriors to tackle knife crime

Jo Robson
Faithful+Gould has partnered with the Co-op and Steel Warriors, an anti-knife crime organisation, to help reduce the number of young people carrying knives in the UK.

Steel Warriors take all seized and surrendered knives from London’s Metropolitan Police and melt them down to create free community gyms in the places most impacted by knife crime. The gyms are designed to offer young people a free space to focus their time and energy, to train and help them to have greater physical and mental confidence to walk the streets unarmed.

The Co-op aim to help Steel Warriors build 20 open air, free-to-use gyms across the UK. Project management specialists Faithful+Gould will provide expertise to help Steel Warriors create a road map for this programme, with two gyms set to open later this year in London and a further 18 by 2022.

Jon Sealy, Faithful+Gould Managing Director, said: “With knife crime in the UK at its highest ever level, it’s inspirational to see Steel Warriors working to combat this problem by taking knives and turning them into something positive. We see this partnership as an opportunity to use the project management expertise we have at Faithful+Gould to deliver real benefits and positive outcomes for local communities and young people.”

As part of the partnership, Faithful+Gould’s expert project managers will work with Steel Warriors to manage the whole life cycle of the gym projects, from locating the sites to obtaining the knives from the Metropolitan Police and managing the process of melting the knives to transform them into the components of the outdoor gyms.

Ben Wintour, co-founder of Steel Warriors, said: “Faithful+Gould’s support at this critical point in our journey has been absolutely invaluable. It has been really exciting to see our vision start to take shape and Faithful+Gould’s knowledge and understanding of the construction world has made the process a great deal smoother than it might otherwise have been.”

Faithful+Gould’s partnership with Steel Warriors is part of the company’s wider commitment to create more social value through its work with cities and communities. Other initiatives include a collaboration with Agent Academy CIC to create new employment opportunities for young people across Liverpool City Region.


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