Faithful+Gould Provides Healthy Surveying

Dale Potts
Faithful+Gould has been commissioned to work on a six facet survey for Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust in partnership with the Trust’s clinical service planning advisor

The output from the partnership will help the Trust to make informed strategic investment decisions that will ensure patients benefit from “fit for purpose” buildings.

Faithful+Gould will be undertaking the technical surveying, whilst working closely with Strategic Healthcare Planning and database provider, MiCad.

Roger Pulham, Healthcare expert at Faithful+Gould, commented: "The track record we have in this arena appealed to the Trust and supported by us having a strong building surveying team here in the Midlands, we can deliver designed solutions to NHS Trusts.

"This type of product demonstrates how we can respond to the needs of different markets – in this case, the healthcare market, and how we are flexible in terms of working in partnership with other companies."

A six facet survey is a type of survey specified by the Department of Health and addresses six different elements relating to physical condition, space utilisation, functional suitability, quality and fire, health and safety regulations.