Faithful+Gould Putting Local Authorities Ahead of the Game

Dale Potts
Project management and cost consultant Faithful+Gould is playing a key part in preparing local authorities for the implementation of requirements for recycled content in the procurement of major schools projects.

The company, which has a proven track record in advising on issues of sustainability and recycling on large scale projects, has been contracted by WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) to work with 15 local authorities across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, encouraging them to adopt good practice for recycled content, waste minimisation and waste management/ recycling in their schemes.

"Site waste management plans are going to become mandatory in 2008, so there is a feeling within the industry that they need to be gearing up," said Sean Lockie. "So we are trying to ensure that these local authorities are fully up to speed and even ahead of the game."

The combined capital value of the projects being advised by Faithful+Gould since taking on the contract in the autumn is £1.5bn.

As part of Faithful+Gould’s role the company will demonstrate that meeting the new legislation need not cost extra. Savings will be made on disposal costs, which will offset any extra waste management costs.

Where necessary, the company will provide tailored assistance to local authorities in setting requirements. This could include, for example, bespoke advice on procurement wording, KPIs, evaluation and the contract documentation for both recycled content and waste minimisation.

Sean said, "We are currently around three quarters of the way through this work and it is progressing very well. There is a greater recognition of the need to be responsible with waste than ever before, and with the Government legislation coming on board, authorities are keen to ensure their major projects will comply.”

Faithful+Gould estimates that as a result of this intervention, over 1,000,000 tonnes* of waste will be diverted from landfill. This is just the beginning because it is hoped that other Authorities and procurement bodies will adopt the standards which could see this number increase substantially.

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