Faithful+Gould on Target to Return 150 People to Their Homes

Dale Potts
Faithful+Gould is assisting families to return to their homes months ahead of schedule following the recent flooding in Morpeth.

More than 1,000 homes were affected by the worst flooding to hit Morpeth in over 40 years.

150 of these homes belong to Castle Morpeth Housing, which called on Faithful+Gould to implement a strategy to dry out and re-instate the properties as quickly and considerately as possible.

Working in partnership with Zurich Insurance and GAB Robins Chartered Loss Adjusters, Faithful+Gould employed state of the art drying techniques. This enabled Castle Morpeth Housing to start reinstatement work up to 80% faster than would have been possible using traditional drying methods, with many properties ready for refurbishment within a week of works commencing.

Faithful+Gould provided a range of services directly from their North East offices including quantity surveying, project management, building surveying and CDM co-ordinator services to help ensure homes were repaired quickly, effectively and to the highest standard.

Mike Reynolds, Faithful+Gould project manager of the remediation project said:

"Drawing upon the expertise and dedication of our staff, Faithful+Gould has helped return 25 families to their homes, in some cases six to nine months ahead of anticipated completion. This has been a challenging project due to the scale of the emergency and tight timescales, however by using our vast experience and knowledge we have been able to meet and exceed our targets. The majority of the remaining properties are now scheduled to be completed by March 2009 and we are confident this will be achieved."

Tina Drury, managing director of Castle Morpeth Housing, said:

"The repair efforts have been fantastic and an incredible achievement for the whole team. During times of crisis the ability to unite and work together is vital. The partners, the community and my staff are dedicated to the cause and I am extremely proud of the work already completed. We realise that there is still work to be done and the team will continue relentlessly until all the properties are repaired to the highest standard."