Faithful+Gould University Launched Across Globe

Dale Potts
Faithful+Gould has launched a virtual University to deliver training and share knowledge across its global network.

The new University offers e-learning facilities, which Faithful+Gould staff will be able to access remotely, so they can top up their knowledge at a time that suits them.

The e-learning classes will offer courses on the environment, health and safety, technical, finance and interpersonal skills. The programme is highly flexible and can be tailored to suit the future needs or our employees.

The virtual University is an essential tool for sharing knowledge across the global network – particularly in the area of sustainability. It will reduce the amount of travelling employees have to do to receive training, therefore it is beneficial to the environment in more ways than one. Face-to-face training still has a role to play, notably the Faithful+Gould Graduate Development Programme and other Technical and Management Development Programmes which will continue in their present form.

Many of the modules have received support from Universities around the country and we are in the process of gaining accreditation from a number of these learning institutions.

Chris Marsh, HR director says: "The University demonstrates our commitment to life-long learning. Our training and development facilities are instrumental to giving us our competitive edge. We have great expertise in a huge range of areas and the University will allow us to share this body of knowledge more effectively across the company."

Richard Hall, managing director of worldwide operations, adds:

"We are bringing to fruition our stated objectives to provide a global centre of learning and development. The University demonstrates our commitment to the life-long learning of all of our staff in a way that suits their work and lifestyles."