Faithful+Gould’s Eirini Matsouki is Sustainability Star of 2015

Danielle Wynn
Eirini Matsouki, a key member of Faithful+Gould’s sustainability team, has been selected as one of Building’s Sustainability Stars of 2015.

Announced on the eve of Eco-Build, Building magazine has selected from a long list its top 50 Sustainability Stars for 2015. Eirini, based in London, is a LEED Accredited Professional and a rising star in regard to promoting the benefits of and delivering Faithful+Gould’s LEED offering along with Gable Bennett.

As part of the selection process, Eirini was asked to provide her opinion of the coalition government’s performance on sustainability in the built environment out of 10 and requested to share her sustainability wish for the new government in May.

"Eirini is a rising star in our team, she confidently leads her projects and is valued highly by all the clients she works with."

Sean Lockie, Faithful+Gould Director of Carbon+Sustainability

On being listed in Building Eirini says "I'm delighted to be recognised along with a number of other young professionals leading the sustainability agenda. Whilst it may not be top of the Government’s agenda, sustainability must not be forgotten and the promises made by the current government have not all been met, hence my rating of 6 out of 10. It would be my wish for the new government to place sustainability at the top of the agenda consistently throughout without compromising it. Invest in making the existing building stock more efficient especially the housing stock. Initiatives like the Green Deal should be made more easily accessible and less complicated so as to be implemented urgently since this is a reactive measure rather than a proactive. Invest in the sustainable energy sector so as to protect the economy and us as energy users against increasingly volatile oil and gas resources.”

Eirini is a qualified Environmental Architect with over 10 years experience in sustainable design, energy modelling, daylight optimisation and environmental assessments on projects such as the Olympics, Heathrow, Gatwick and most recently Greece’s first LEED Platinum Renzo Piano designed 60,000m2 building, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), a 200,000m2 site, with a capital value of €566m, where she is the LEED Assessor.

Sean Lockie, Director of Carbon+Sustainability comments, “Eirini is a rising star in our team, she confidently leads her projects and is valued highly by all the clients she works with. She really deserves this accolade. Eirini’s achievement is reflective in a recent testimonial from the SNFCC.”

“Eirini is immensely involved in promoting greener approaches on SNFCC. She has supported our vision to develop a project that would be a beacon of environmental sustainability and sets an example for others to follow; ensuring that what is procured is 100% safe and not harmful to occupants.” George Michalakopoulos, Technical Officer/Secretary of SNFCC AE BoD.

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